99 Keto Tips & Hacks From Keto Dieters For Keto Beginners

Below, we have collected 99 of the best Keto Diet tips and tricks for beginners on the keto diet submitted by members of the Keto Advantage Meals Community.
Then we compiled thousands of expert answers into the most popular and best keto tips, hacks, tricks and facts.
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List Of 99 Keto Tips & Hacks For Keto Beginners

  1. Keto is a trial and error process. You will need to make adjustments as you learn what works for you.
  2. Bone Broth will help with Keto Flu and is a superfood!
  3. Supplementing electrolytes is not just important, but essential.
  4. Find your go to snacks. Quick and easy.
  5. If you eat carbs, you haven’t ruined your keto way of eating! You can get back into ketosis quickly.
  6. Nearly everyone gets Keto Flu for a couple days around day 5 to 10 of a new keto diet.
  7. You can get keto bread. I use them to make holiday stuffings and more.
  8. Not everyone can go cold turkey when escaping the addiction of carbs, some people do better easing into keto.
  9. You can eat Dark Chocolate on a Keto Diet, you just have to be picky.
  10. Plan ahead and make sure you have good keto snacks when you start keto.
  11. You can’t eat most fruit on Keto, but most berries are ok.
  12. 90 Second Bread makes a decent keto bread.
  13. I wish someone would have told me about intermittent fasting before a week in. It’s a game changer.
  14. There are alternatives to almost every non-keto food.
  15. Keto is a process and not “one size fits all.”
  16. You won’t be perfect all the time, and that’s ok.
  17. You will feel better, but it does take some time.
  18. Keto Facebook groups like the Advantage Meals group are great support.
  19. Sometimes it’s better to reduce your carbs slowly.
  20. It’s not as scary as it sounds.
  21. Within two weeks, my sweet tooth adjusted and old treats are now too sweet.
  22. You’ll sleep better.
  23. You won’t be “hangry” between meals.
  24. Your mental focus will improve.
  25. You won’t want to go back to the processed carb habits.
  26. Starting Keto is way more fun when you do it with help and friends.
  27. The first big weight loss will be water weight, but fat loss will come soon.
  28. It will be hard sometimes, but it’s worth it.
  29. That you are going to have to try new foods, and you’re going to love many of them.
  30. The weight loss will be slow and steady. You can’t lose a lifetime of fat in a few weeks.
  31. Just eat simple things at first and add to your “menu” as you get more into it.
  32. Don’t stress about it. Do the best you can, know you will continually get better.
  33. You can still eat out on keto, you just got to be smart about it.
  34. Meal prepping is important. If you don’t plan and prep, failure is more likely.
  35. Keto isn’t a fad diet. It’s based on a paleo diet eating like our ancestors ate.
  36. Carbs are addictive which is why it’s so hard to lose weight eating ‘regular’.
  37. When you eat Keto, your hunger gets smaller and you’ll eat less.
  38. Keto food is satisfying. Both tasty and filling.
  39. At first, you need to track macros using a mobile app like Carb Manager or My Fitness Pal.
  40. Breathe! Don’t stress about keto.
  41. Keto is a process; a new lifestyle. Embrace it and experiment as you find what works for you.
  42. The carb cravings will go away!
  43. How you experience hunger will change in a fundamental way. I can’t explain the change, you just have to experience it.
  44. That I needed to work very closely with my Doctor as my need for diabetic medications dropped quickly and significantly! Keto win.
  45. When you get Keto Flu, it isn’t keto making you sick, it’s withdrawals from your carb addiction.
  46. One of the advantages of eating incredible simply is that macro tracking is incredibly simple.
  47. Keto is very satisfying, all the fat you eat will keep you satiated!
  48. Stock up on Keto foods, things that will make your life easier.
  49. Make fat bombs and store in the freezer, it helps to get you through those times when you want a treat.
  50. Look on-line for recipe ideas. I’ve found some great recipes that help keep me on track, like fat head pizza!
  51. When you do make a meal, make extra so you can freeze it for another time or have it for lunch the next day.
  52. If you are having a hard time, ask for help! Facebook can be a great place to meet other people on keto that have been there and done that.
  53. Fasting can get you into ketosis faster.
  54. The 3 Week No Cook Keto Meal Plan was amazing for me as it kept keto simple for me – I knew exactly what to eat without having to figure it out.
  55. Don’t sweat it if you eat something you shouldn’t. Just get back on plan; stressing out about it doesn’t do any good.
  56. For some people, keto will affect your bowel movements. Diarrhea or constipation are possible. Tweaking your macros or electrolytes usually help.
  57. Everyone will eventually hit a Keto Stall, but that’s not what is happening on week two.
  58. Keto can reduce or cure Type 2 Diabetes.
  59. Keto can greatly reduce or cure arthritis.
  60. Sometimes your total cholesterol will rise on keto, but your ratio of good to bad cholesterol will often improve greatly.
  61. Tracking Net Carbs is way easier than tracking Total Carbs.
  62. Supplementing Salt can help with brain fog as you start keto.
  63. Keto can change your menstrual cycle.
  64. I’m never hungry, like NEVER! Who knew? Why wasn’t I told?
  65. Sometimes your body is changing even when the scale is not changing. Take measurements and don’t weigh yourself too often.
  66. Keto doesn’t have to expensive and you can even shop at discount stores!
  67. You won’t be hungry, but will you have cravings? Yes! But never hungry.
  68. You can be successful with quite a lazy, very little cooking approach OR all out gourmet, both can work.
  69. There are lots of types of keto, and everyone does it a little differently!
  70. There are so many health improvements, far beyond the weight loss. It is totally worth doing even if you have very little or a lot of weight to lose.
  71. You’re never too old to keto, I’m doing it at 72!
  72. When you first start eating keto, a carb cheat day can make you feel like crap.
  73. You will feel better in so many ways.
  74. Getting older doesn’t mean getting sicker and feeling worse. Keto changed it all.
  75. Those low-carb packaged products are not the best way to eat keto.
  76. Drink lots of water when you start. You will feel better and lose more weight.
  77. If you don’t like plain water, add a little lemon juice and a little salt to it. The lemon will also help with your pH balance and the salt replenishes your sodium.
  78. Those ketone test strips go bad fast!
  79. Ketogenic Diets have been used to treat seizures for decades.
  80. Keto can make you poop funny.
  81. Your breath can smell funny when you get into ketosis, this will pass.
  82. There are sneaky carbs in milk!
  83. There are millions of keto recipes on Pinterest!
  84. Some people find that too much protein will stall their weight loss as your body can turn it into glucose.
  85. Keto Libido is a real thing. 😉
  86. Yes, sometimes the first fat you lose is in your boobs. 🙁
  87. You might feel tired when you start keto, but it will go away.
  88. Riced cauliflower is a great substitute for rice.
  89. You can find all kinds of keto desserts recipes on Pinterest
  90. I wish someone told me how easy the Keto diet is, that you can adapt almost any recipe to keto, and that you won’t be hungry.
  91. Once you’ve been doing keto for a while, you don’t need to track macros all of the time. You can just eye it.
  92. You can make homemade Keto Ice Cream that is actually good!
  93. Cheating in the first few weeks will make it take longer and be harder to lose your carb cravings.
  94. I wish I had known how simple it is.
  95. How easy it is to find something satisfying to eat wherever you are
  96. There is no one right way to keto. Don’t let anyone keto shame you, and don’t do it to other people.
  97. Keep it simple with simple ingredients and recipes.
  98. It isn’t as hard as you think.
  99. I wish someone had given me this list of keto tips when I started. Share this with other newbies!